Best New Tracks: John Murphy "Sandman"


John Murphy is an English film composer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Apparently when he's not writing breathtaking scores for films (see 28 Weeks Later), he's creating best new tracks like "Sandman."

Off Murphy's forthcoming Strobe EP, "Sandman" is not your prototypical best new track. It's a sprawling, ambient trip hop piece that plays perfectly for dark 4 a.m. chill out moments, driving on all-but-abandoned highways, or any moment in which you feel like being "extra alone."

Listen to John Murphy "Sandman" below:

John Murphy's Strobe EP is out September 1st via Taped Noise. You can hear Murphy's music in Kick-Ass, Snatch, Millions, Friday After Next, Mean Machine, and several other films.

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