Kayex has debuted strong and our first impression is that they’re just what we'd expect from an Australian act. On their first ever release, called "My Friends," the Sydney duo mixes house and soul with electronic-tinged funk in a genuinely relaxed and cool way. They're just getting started, but they already sound pretty masterful at their craft. It's definitely one of the best new songs we've heard this month and it’ll probably be one of your favorites too, regardless of your genre preferences.



Tom Derickxon provides the vocals while Palassi Kailis owns the instrumentation. Derickxon hones in on his husky tenor as Kailis smoothly blends synths, a nu disco house sound, and sweet string play –- and then, just when you think you understand who Kayex is, everything changes. At the fifty-second mark, the pair does something unpredictable—the bass drops and we suddenly want to gyrate before the beat turns down again to an energetic, yet calm flow. It's the song that would add the perfect sunny touch to a ride down to the beach.

For now, they’re one of those mysterious characters without much of a social media presence. What we are certain of is that if this is what the duo will be offering up on their next music releases, we're happy to keep listening.