Kids Without Instruments "Stardust"


Kids Without Instruments are many things, the first of which is honest. They don't actually play instruments.

The second of which is that they're exceptionally talented, as well as the second band we here at BitCandy have signed. 

(In case you forgot, the first band we signed was Mother Falcon.)

We're happy to introduce you to Frankie & Marion and all their Latest New Songs.

Today's Best New Track (BNT to the cool kids) is the dreamy "Stardust" below:

And here's the lyrics for your perusing please:

Watch the smoke dance in the wind 
We can shed our fabric skin 
Forget all the things outside 
I'm lost in your eyes
Watching shadows on the wall 
Try to catch you when you fall 
Try to feel for where you are 
How are you close and yet so far
We are stardust

If you'd like to remix "Stardust," or just want to hear isolated tracks, remix it or do a cover...then the instrumentals and vocals have been separated below for your convenience.





Kids Without Instruments' new EP will be out in December. We'll have all the information for you right here, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music, we are a party to, but not actually, stardust.


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