In the age of streaming, the constant overflow of remixes makes it easy to overlook them. We should make it a point, however, to appreciate the good ones. Where original pieces have no rules, remixes are a complicated balancing act of innovating and mimicking. The song has to reach and go above the listener’s expectation.



Mossy’s variation on Lido’s “Dye” is how experimentation should be done. Evidently, Lido agrees since he hand selected it to be a part of his Everything Remixed album. The follow-up album to 2016’s everything shows that collaboration can make magic with the company of Soft Glas, Dan Farber, and more.

Really, you can’t go wrong listening to the album from first-to last track, but Mossy is especially alluring since its ambient air is just as mysterious as the artist—they just show up on the music scene last month. The only bio they have is “the sound of melting trees” which oddly explains what we hear on the downtempo, dreamy and calm rework. It’s Lido stretched, slowed down, and savory.

It’s a bit too early to see where Mossy will go, but we’ll definitely follow the project on its journey in surrealism.