From the ever-so-quirky Atlanta hip hop label, Awful Records, comes Lord Narf, an edgy, tenacious rapper whose spunk matches her sharp allure. Her new track “Rent” features production from Meltycanon and is a slinky hip hop tune that showcases Narf’s rawness - and surprisingly large generosity. We Are: The Guard want you to check out “Rent” below.



“Rent” starts off with an ominous xylophone melody -- Okay, yeah, I never thought I’d say that either. But Meltycanon’s got this track sounding like a sinister lullaby that has no right to be around children, and when Narf starts to rap, it’s in a low, mischievous octave that elicits uneasiness. But why wouldn’t it? Narf is out here bragging about the larger sum of money she makes than you. You should be a little unnerved.

But If I think about it more, Lord Narf’s track is just a big lesson in turning the other cheek. “If they got you bent, make that money b*tch / If they got you bent, flip it and get rich.” So really, pushing aside the defecation references Narf makes (which is prime Nicki Minaj, circa 2010, by the way, and I’m here for it because I love being crass), “Rent” is a rather wholesome song. If you got anyone you’re beefing with, shrug it aside and keep making stacks.

Truth be told, it makes me want to beef with Lord Narf if she’s threatening to pay my rent and bills -- but I won’t do it, because she sounds pretty serious about sh*tting on my hands. Please don’t come for me...

Lord Narf and Meltycanon are allegedly collaborating for a full EP according to Narf’s Soundcloud, so we’ve got a bunch of magnetizing tracks coming our way. Stay tuned.