Lou The Human - Slim Buddha

Staten Island’s Lou The Human emphasizes the actual human experience with “Slim Buddha.”



When it seems like most mainstream hip-hop is emphasizing an image of the real, projecting a kind of holographic existence spent entirely in clubs with overpriced magnums of Dom Perrignon; perfectly sculpted bodies; designer clothes; and closets full of pristine sneakers, can it really be said that hip-hop is speaking for the actual struggles of the 99.99% of humanity not currently engaged in a Twitter beef flame war with Azealia Banks or Meek Mill?

Raw-as-hell hip-hop seems more important than ever, when truth and reality seem so hard to come by. Never has it been more important to hear actual narratives from real people, to empower our activism and forge alliances. Thankfully, Staten Island’s Lou The Human is keeping it real, spitting furious, venomous rhymes over stripped-down, minimalist beats.

Lou The Human is following in the lines of “don’t give a fuck/tell it like is” hip-hop, like the common Eminem comparisons which have already been levelled at Lou The Human, along with contemporary muckrackers like Tyler The Creator. Tellingly, perhaps most notably, Lou The Human’s raw raps, while twisted and kind of demented, never fall back on hateful cliches or derogatory remarks to set a match to the gasoline. Instead, Lou The Human raps about hypochondriacs, being bipolar, being actually ‘crazy’ (his words), instead of just playing at mental illness. Instead of seeming callous, shallow, and cruel, like so much mainstream hip-hop, Lou The Human comes forward with tattered edges and blurred boundaries, coming across as vulnerable, while still holding his shit together, which is perhaps the bravest and most admirable struggle of them all.

All the theorizing and positive messaging in the world doesn’t matter if a track sounds like garbage, however. Thankfully, if Lou is on a soapbox, it’s just so you can hear his message more clearly, rising above the din. Slim Jesus’ drilling, trapped-out “Drill Time” beat matches the message perfectly, sounding closer to UK Grime with its stripped-down, minimalist chilly horror pianos and insectile riddims, shot through from time to time with the ubiquitous gunshot samples, bringing together the ragged madness of Dirty South Crunk Rap, all ‘continual derangement of the senses,’ to quote Rimbaud, while still sounding avant-garde and futuristic.

This is the real shit, basically. We here at We Are: The Guard couldn’t be more relieved. Our mixtapes have been running a little dry on actual bangers, speaking to the paranoia and terminal insecurity of these times. Lou The Human is the rapper we need, for these times. Absolutely cannot wait for the upcoming Humaniac EP!