Moto Boy

Today's best new track, "Black Lillies," comes from Moto Boy, a.k.a Oskar Humlebo, who hails from Sweden.

Moto Boy wrote this song in various hotel rooms while he was touring Asia. He then rented out a small farm in Northern Sweden to record it, before shipping it off to Berlin to be mixed. According to Humlebo, the song is "a sort of manifesto to feeling of always being on the way and never arrive." And here I just thought it was a really pretty song. To paint his bleak message, Moto Boy enlists little beyond a simple guitar lick and his absurdly lovely voice. The minimalistic approach has its intended purpose, and there's a detached feel to the proceedings despite the song's prettiness. 


Figure out if any of what I just wrote makes senses or if I've just been bullish*tting (as usual) by listening below:  



"Black Lillies" is off of an EP of the same name. The 3-song Black Lillies EP is available now thanks to the awesomely-named Swedish label, Songs I Wish I Had Written. 

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