Muki - Gold Oxygen

What is a hater? Who is a hater? And what are we to do with all these haters? These are some of the most important questions of our time and Muki addresses them with considerable aplomb on her electro pop banger “Gold Oxygen.”

In her own words, the Australian star has this to say about her song:

“Gold Oxygen is an anthem for blocking the ‘haters’. It is about believing in yourself and drowning out other people’s negativity by being your own supporter. It is about having the attitude that if people don’t accept you or support you then they aren’t worth your energy. Ultimately it is about having the courage to do YOU despite the opinion of others.”

Hell yeah!

Music is therapeutic, so the next time you feel all the negativity, stress, anxiety, and general toxicity of modernity bubbling up, just throw on this jam and bliss out.



Now that you’ve heard the song, let’s examine the lyrics for answers to the questions about haters put forth at the beginning of this post. She seems to answer the question of what and who is a hater with the simple line on the verse,

“If you are not with me you’re against me.”

Well there you have it. But what exactly constitutes being with the self-proclaimed ‘Queen’? The totality of your being, it would appear.

“Give her all you want, gimme all you want, give me what you need... I’ma take it all cause I’m the queen.”

Also, the song’s title comes from the idea that the air Muki breathes is rarefied, golden, if you will. And frankly we’re all luckily to share it with her. To go further, the ice cream-loving songstress suggests we are all “trespassing in her universe.” 

That seems like a bit much, but who am I to question how they do things in New South Wales? You call it narcissistic personality disorder, I call it pop stardom.

This tune that oozes self-empowerment and fun is the third single we’ve heard from Muki, and with it comes the announcement of a debut headlining tour. Hell yeah. Sadly it is only in Australia, which seems ethnocentric. Geography is a B.

Here’s to hoping that after the tour, Muki gets into a studio and and records her first album. Or better yet, she can get on a plane and come to the states. Either works from me.

Patiently awaiting the queen’s next move.


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