Electrosoul/EDM producer NLSN wears his heart on his cheek with the banging, euphoric deep house of “Tattoo On My Face”!



Ever seen those crusty kids on the sidewalks, grizzled beyond their years, begging for change for Doritos or booze or cough syrup or whatever vice has them in its steely grip? Notice the legions of teardrop tattoos or words scrawled across their throat like an angry slash? While facial tattoos may make us wince and bring out the 42-year-old Mom part of our personality, “Oh, honey, what were you thinking?”, we can’t help but put up a clenched fist in solidarity with these inked warriors and wastrels.

Getting tattooed ON YOUR FACE is hardcore, whether or not it’s a good idea or you’ll regret it in six months. It’s a statement - a permanent dedication of allegiance, for all the world to see.

The hot young producer NLSN wears his allegiance proudly, on his face, on “Tattoo On My Face.” NLSN sings of wanting all the world to know where his heart is, “like a tattoo on my face,” with a voice as smooth and as warm as Dove Chocolate. It brings out the heart and heat of NLSN’s sincere Pop Music, helping him to stand out from the legions of future pop provocateurs. You will likely have heard something like “Tattoo On My Face,” as producers plying deconstructed post-Dubstep basslines and drilling trap beats are not exactly hard to come by, in 2017, with scads and scores of future pop and alt r&b beatsmiths and songwriters mining similar sonic terrain, but NLSN’s choruses are hookier than a tackle box, leaving you strung out and hungry for more, like some patchwork crust punk on the nod.

We Are: The Guard dare you to listen just once and walk away! The first listen is one the house!