“I can think of something better for your mouth to do,” is one of those things I never realized I wanted a woman to say to me. As the closing line of the nu disco jam “Talk” by Oliver Nelson and Linae it leaves quite the impression.

An instantly catching track propelled by an extremely funky bass groove, “Talk” seems destined to live a long life as both a single and the countless remixes and edits that are sure to follow. The Swedish pair has a natural chemistry that takes the song to a whole other level. Linae’s gorgeous vocals are the perfect compliment to the R&B-tinged beat Nelson dreamed up. The two play to each other’s strength in such a distinct way that we should all probably start a petition demanding they do an entire album together.

Or at the very least an EP.

It feels like cheating given the nationality involved to say this song reminds me of Robyn, but regardless of where Oliver and Linae come from that’d be the case. (Pause here for a quick reminder not to call people from Sweden Swedes.)

But Linae’s sultry vocals and fierceness on this track deserve better than the obvious. There’s a mystery and power behind her voice that keeps drawing me in. The combination of ethereal nonchalance mixed with desperation here is endlessly compelling.

All in all, this is a fantastic pop banger that you should have on loop for the foreseeable future. It’s also a reminder about the limitations of language and that most often it is best to shut the fuck up and let your actions do the talking.



We’ve covered Nelson’s previous works around these parts and his tenacity and output have not slowed at all. Dude is on an upward trajectory that shows no signs of slowing down. Oliver just finished up a long stretch on the road, but is still churning out new jams regularly over on SoundCloud and other platforms.

Also, given his work ethic, expect him to be back on tour sooner than later. I mean how hard can it really be just pushing a bunch of buttons while affluent folks take mass quantities of hallucinogenic drugs?

(I kid, I kid. Not about the drug part though. I’m sure that’s totally happening.)

If you need me, I’ll be scouring dance floors worldwide to find a gal to say to me the 11 words I’ll henceforth be dreaming of.


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