Best Tracks: OneRepublic "Something I Need"


I got over the idea of "guilty pleasures" long ago. I mean, why should I feel guilty for liking something? And yet I get a nostalgic twinge for it every time I hear a OneRepublic single. They're always incredibly light, catchy, and get stuck in my head for days. For some reason though my enjoyment of them always feels wrong, because I'm a complicated cat (not really, I was just raised religious).

Their latest new song, "Something I Need," is no exception to this rule. It's everything I want out of a pop radio song, and yet I feel shame when listening to and subsequently taking pleasure in it.

But enough about my issues, listen to OneRepublic "Something I Need" below:

"Something I Need" is off OneRepublic's new album, Native, which came out this week. I'm sure they'll eventually release this song as a single and that it'll be ubiquitous by the time summer gets here, but for now let's just enjoy it for what it is.

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