Tamer Animal (Atoms for Peace Remix)


A few weeks ago here at BitCandy we gave you the low down on Thom Yorke's new project, Atoms for Peace. And wouldn't you know it, they're back today with another Latest New Songs, although technically it's a remix and not a original song(s).

Thom and Co. decided to remix the title track off Other Lives' splendid 2011 album, Tamer Animals.

Listen to "Tamer Animals (Atoms for Peace Remix)" below:

For comparison's sake, here's the original.

As you can hear, Atoms makes the song much more electronic and ambient. It also gives it a slightly creepier feel. Or maybe that's just me.

This track is off the single Atoms for Peace is releasing on Modeselektor's label Monkeytown's 50 WEAPONS series. The single is out digitally and on vinyl now.

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