Best New Tracks: Pacific Air "Float"


Last May 2012 we wrote one of our world-famous New Artist Finds articles about brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhorn and their wonderful band KoKo. Well, things have changed.  Don't worry, Ryan and Taylor are still making music. It's just that now they're calling themselves Pacific Air, which is a much more fitting title. They also have this best new track, "Float" and fitting video.

This standout track is a light and breezy and sure to make you long for summer.

Have a listen to Pacific Air's "Float" below:

(Well, technically it's the official video for the song, so you can have a look too.)

"A rose by any other name…" amiright? This song is still as lovely as ever, and you can pick it up no on the band's Long Live KoKo EP. You can pick it up on iTunes or over on Amazon.

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