Best Mashup: PomDeter "Beautiful BBC Golf"


The masterful work of UK DJ PomDeter has been featured here before on Bitcandy. And we think his most recent release, "Beautiful BBC Golf," is worthy (for better or worse) of being called one of our best new tracks.

PomDete (as people who hate to finish anything are calling him) shared his truly inspired mashup of Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People" with the BBC's Golf theme (the title totally makes sense to you now, doesn't it?). The result, while as ridiculous as you might expect, is pretty wonderful.

Please rest assured that PomDeter "Beautiful BBC Golf" is worth three minutes and 47 seconds of your time. Listen to it below.

Manson's original is below. If you really want to listen to the BBC Golf Theme isolated, try Youtube, Google, or suicide.

We'll see y'all back here in a few months when we're discussing PomDeter's latest match up. Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy...did you know we filter up the best songs on our free online indie radio?  Check it out!