Rainsford - Intentions

I know it’s not #WomanCrushWednesday, but I loosely abide to the arbitrary rules of trendy hashtags. Besides, I want to talk to you guys about Rainsford, and I want to talk about her NOW!!

Rainsford, AKA Rainey Qualley is a Nashville transplant (residing in LA) who will be YOUR next obsession because her voice is refreshingly reminiscent of an early ‘90s Mariah Carey (the best form). Her music follows suit, and her retro vibes have garnered acclaim and incredibly viral hits on streaming platforms.

Her latest single, featuring Twin Shadow and his equally velvety chops, aims to keep this streak of FIRE singles going. Listen to “Intentions” below; you’ll swear it’s a 1991 blast from the past.



soundcloud Sounding like a Billboard hit straight up from a year out of Demi Moore’s career peak, “Intentions” is a playful tribute to the murky waters of a pre-relationship. But Qualley coats the micro-aggressions that come with courting someone with her silky falsetto (as it should). And featuring Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr.’s voice alongside hers has been the best idea presented in my life since I decided to sleep in two mornings ago.

Next, I want to see a video. Give me a pastel aesthetic, and Qualley and Lewis dancing together on a boardwalk in all white. Let me see them serenading each other; I want to see seagulls, some feet-dipping in the ocean, and I want them eating cotton candy by the pier at some point. Why? Because “Intentions” is feel-good all over, and the chemistry is undeniable, guys.

Listen to Rainey’s other hits on her Soundcloud and stay tuned. Rumblings about an EP are in our midst...