Remmi - Minimum Wage

REMMI goes deep about “Minimum Wage” here at We Are: The Guard.



Rachel Smith is a special one. Her professional incarnation, named REMMI, is not afraid to ruffles some feathers, pushing and tackling social and political issues with her wide repertoire of musical talents. Perhaps, her greatest yet comes by way of her newest drop, “Minimum Wage,” which is about exactly what the title says. Be assured, it is not a positive critique on our nation's current workforce culture.

Upon initial impressions, “Minimum Wage” sounds typically vapid. Here we go again. Another song about getting rich and whatnot. So, exactly when did REMMI dabble with some sing-talk and rapping? Hmm. Then the fog gets a little bit more clear, and what this song becomes is a parody upon the genre of popular music and turns the entire glamorous rich and fab life on its head.

For those who have worked at a minimum wage job, the lyrics make all too much sense. The federal wage is $7.25. “That's some bleak shit.” In a world where the parity of the have and have-nots become much more of a domestic and global problem, perhaps the materialistic talk in popular culture acts more of a sarcastic cry-for-help than actual serious bragging. Honestly, doesn't it sound all too weird to find a musician who finally makes it big talk about luxury when he was several years removed from poverty?

“Minimum Wage” wants to examine this problem. For us average folks, the reality of the working class actually makes seems more ridiculous than talking about couture dresses and overly-expensive super cars. REMMI channels her inner Pink and Kesha, but really this is a temporary guise. However, the musical chops and commentary is all permanent.