Saint Motel

Los Angeles natives SAINT MOTEL are already pros at cranking out fun indie rock hits (like 2014’s “My Type,” for example), and their latest track, “Move,” is no exception. “Move” is the energetic lead single off of their upcoming album, Saintmotelevision (I’m totally digging that award-sounding title by the way) which will be out in October, and we here at BitCandy are super excited for its release. So put on your dancing shoes and read on to discover “Move” to close out your summer vacation in style.



If the instantaneous hand claps didn’t already do the trick, you’ll be bouncing around by the time they shout “MOVE!” at just 5 seconds in. From there on out it’s a funk-inspired dance-inducing mess of horns, funky bass, and groovy guitars that will have you instantly hooked. Once lead singer A/J Jackson’s vocals hit at the 0:25 mark, the track falls into an easy-going groove with a hi-hat-filled beat that leads into the track’s infectious and insanely catchy chorus which will probably appear in an Apple commercial before the year is over. Lyrics like “gotta get up/ I gotta get up/ na na na na” make it even easier to have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the week, while the bridge at the 2:00 mark give you a quick breather while simultaneously building the energy. All in all, “Move” is the perfect choice for a lead single and we cannot wait for their upcoming album!

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