Let 20-year-old producer salute brighten your summer with “Light Up” - a gorgeous, piano-driven track featuring Liv Dawson!



Staying light can be difficult, in such heavy times. When it seems each passing day brings some fresh tragedy, some agonizing affront against human decency, it’s hard not to get bogged down. It’s easy to feel like we’re walking with a pillowcase full of pig iron over our shoulders, and we wonder if we’ll ever feel carefree again. Or if we ever ever did.

When all light seems ready to be extinguished for all time, we turn our eyes to youth for a direction to turn. And while the more cynical blame today’s youth for being entitled, privileged, and cut off from the real world, the rest of us take comfort in the fresh perspective, before society has chipped away all that purity and transformed them into bent and broken cynics.

“Light Up” is perhaps one of the most successful singles you haven’t heard yet, as the original has already racked up over 1 million plays on Spotify. Obviously, Liv Dawson’s breezy, emotional lyrics are striking a chord, To commemorate the landmark, salute returns with an acoustic version of his breakout single. The bright glassy synths of the original are replaced with moody, contemplative piano chords. And removing the layers of disheveled, disorienting, distorted vocals and savage sub-bass reveals salute to be a classic songwriter, as well.

When the optimism and idealism of youth meets pragmatism and sharp instincts, that’s a force to be reckoned with. We’re all being forced to grow up REAL QUICK, as we seem to be approaching the inevitable war of light against the darkness. While we’ll all surely look back and grieve our stolen youth and innocence, mourn the fact that we were not allowed to be carefree, when this is all said and done, we shall also be celebrating the triumph of decency and rationality over madness and small-mindedness. It’ll have been a small price to pay, for hundreds of millions to be allowed to sleep, secure and safe instead of cowering in terror in dark bedrooms, waiting to disappear in the night. There will be plenty of time for free love, hedonism, music festivals, and fashion once this madness has been stopped.

For now, we here at We Are: The Guard remind you to keep it light and stay safe!