Shy Girls - Why I Love

Dan Vidmar, the artist with the moniker of Shy Girls has left a lot of ladies and gentlemen drooling. His music is like a piece of meating dangling over all of us single people. His lyrics carry so much soul that make even the coldest of hearts want to feel. His latest pop ballad “Why I Love” opens up haunting and devastating tone that is memorable due to the Vidmar’s vocals. I also feel that it’s a perfect track for the season. January tends to be rather blue. It’s the start of new beginnings, but the weather lends itself to dreariness. Perhaps it’s Mother Nature, perhaps it;s Shy Girls coinciding with Mother Nature, either way...the fact that you are here listening to this is no coincidence.



Shy Girls has great material to pick and choose form and name as a favorite, but none come close to offering what “Why I Love” offers.

Shy Girls will kick off his U.S. Tour in his home state of Washington. For tour dates head over to his official Facebook page. For those not in attendance, have no fear because you’ll have a chance to support the artists’s LP, Salt, releasing this month.

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