Best New Tracks | Sigur Ros-Brennisteinn ‪


Sigur Ros‬ is set to put out their ninth studio album this year, Kveikur, and at this point you know what you're going to get from them. Sprawling ambient numbers, Jonsi's falsetto, and (usually) a transcendent video or two. And while all of the elements are present on the band's latest new song, first single ‪"Brennisteinn‬," they've never been mixed like this quite before.

Coming from a region a region known for its metal, I guess it's unsurprising that Sigur R‪os‬ can blend elements seamlessly into their sound. This one is a lot of heavier than your typical ‪Sigur Ros‬ song, with Jonsi often dropping his trademark falsetto to a register lower than any I've ever heard him.

The video seems to be next in line of a long list of the band's classics. Gorgeous and really damn cool.

Watch the official video for ‪Sigur Ros "Brennisteinn‬" below:

Kveikur is out July 17/18 via XL Recordings. ‪Sigur Ros is currently touring North America.‬

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