Sky Ferreira "Red Lips (Com Truise Remix)"


Are you ready for the weekend yet? Well if not, today's Latest New Songs should get you sufficiently pumped up.

The always fun Com Truise remixed the gorgeous and talented Sky Ferreira's punk jam, "Red Lips."

Check out the results below.

Com Truise drastically changes the original (see music video below), turning a great Ida Maria-knockoff into a late 70's disco anthem.

The great Terry Richardson directed the music video. Which is not surprising, because Richardson always makes sexy videos, and what's not sexy about a pale girl in white cotton undies with a spider crawling all over her body?

(Yeah, definitely the spider part. Not sexy at all. Sorry Aragog.)

This remix will appear on Sky Ferreira's Ghost EP, which drops November 16th by way of Capital Records.

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