Skylar Grey "C'mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem)"


Has bicycle always been a euphemism for a penis and I've just been hanging out with lame people my entire life? Or is Skylar Grey's Latest New Song one of those pop numbers that tries to create a new phrase for the pop culture lexicon?

The answer to these questions are unimportant, as most answers usually are. What is important here is that Ms. Grey's newest single, "C'mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem)," is a ridiculously enjoyable song that is liable to get stuck in your head for days on end.

Listen to "C'mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem)" below:

It'd be easy to dismiss this song as the white, PG version of "Rude Boy," but that would be unfair to Grey and Slim Shady (see what I did there?), who are both having a tremendous amount of fun on this track.

A lyric video has also been released, which we have for your viewing pleasure below:

"C'mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem)" is out 12/11/12.

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