Squired - You

We Are: the Guard first discovered newcomer Squired's music on the Etiquette Noir playlist. The word "noir" refers to a genre that is founded on themes of cynicism. It's dark and existential. And even though Squired creates house music, there is something inky and mysterious to the artist's brief collection of works.



There isn't much about the project itself, but the producer's latest offering, called "You," trips what we know of this type of electronic music. We can imagine "You" played at a warehouse party, but where other house music inspires you to jump, this song would inspire you to sway or maybe even stop and just take it in. It begins with slow sexy thrusts of sound before featured artist Ayelle drops in with her thick honey-like voice. She melts into the beats just as she'd like to become one with the object of her desire.

It's so voluminous that it feels like it fills a physical space in a room. Like this sort of yearning —illustrated so expertly by the collaborators—surrounds you. We like both their music separately just fine, but we hope this isn't the last time Squired and Ayelle work together.