Thabo’s new song, “Sensible,” is a ballad that drips slow and sweet like honey. He hasn’t put out anything since last year’s soft premieres — “Sex Sells,” “World War Free,” and “Run & Tell” — and this fresh track is a reminder of why we love him. His vocals are the rare kind—the kind that make your hair stand on end. The kind that make multi-tasking while listening to music near impossible and it’s because he effortlessly, fearlessly uses his chords as a cathartic cleansing of sorts.



“Sensible” is just as soulful as his offerings from yesteryear. It begins with a string of simple questions to ask yourself: “What do you dream of that makes you smile? And what keeps you focused ‘til you’ve lost track of time?” With his smooth and a few simple keys, the Zimbabwe native pulls from the depths of his passion’s core to deliver a song that can be the background for when you’re feeling most introspective. On his Facebook he explains the song is “for that moment when you need to have an honest, one to one conversation with yourself.”

Thabo proves that, though instrumental tricks and reverb are great, they’re not necessary to make moving music.