Theophilus London - Do Girls

If you're like us, you've been waiting to hear the full-version of Theophilus London's best new track, "Do Girls," since he previewed it in January. Well, our day has arrived. 

"Do Girls" is one of those tales as old as time about a lesbian girl who meets a player so fly she changes allegiances. We've all been there. Like the entirety of London's upcoming sophomore album, Vibes, "Do Girls" is produced by Kanye West. Sonically it sounds like Kid Cudi doing Yeezus.  This song partly feels like London trying to shake the soft label that can be attached when you ride for Chevy Sonic and make Smith-centric mixtapes. Even if it doesn't really work, he'll always be an emo rapper to me, it's still a great song.


Check it out below:



Vibes is out November 4th. Pre-order it now.

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