Tsorf - Hold On To Me

New Zealand-based artist Tsorf (pronounced like “surf,”) is here with some downtempo goodness on her latest track, “Hold on to Me.” Her ethereal vocals are simply magical on this third single, and they glide over pulsating 80s’-inspired synths and subtle atmospherics beautifully. When the steady ticking drum machine beat kicks in just before the one minute mark and she begs for the first time, “hold on to me/ I’ll be coming back to you,” I knew that I would be coming back to this song again and again whenever I needed a catchy but ultra chill fix. There is a goosebumps-inducing breakdown at the 2:30 mark, where she belts out, again, “hold on to me/ I’ll be coming back to you,” over barely there atmospherics that slowly builds back into the track’s synth-drenched feel. It’s simply an enchanting and truly memorable 3 minutes that has us completely hooked.



Tip-toe around you
Cover up, again
Bandage up the bleeding
Let the trauma lay

I don’t want this pain
I don’t want to stay hollow

Hold on to me, I’ll be coming back to you
Hold on to me, I need you to
Hold on to me, will you let it hurt?
Hold on to me, I’ll be coming back to you

Holding on to fragments
Littering my brain
Each piece it keeps me grounded
It validates the ache

And I know if you stay
You’ll soak up every drop of sorrow

Even if I ever let you down


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