Best New Tracks: Viceroy "Chase Us Around"


When we last left Bay Area DJ Viceroy, he was giving Mark Morrison's classic jam (does anyone still stay 'jam'?) "Return of the Mack" a summery remix in his first break out track. He returns to our Latest Music Tracks section today with an original song. Teaming up with Nashville songstress Madi Diaz, Viceroy delivers another carefree, sun-drenched number. Listen to "Chase Us Around" below:


This track is what we've come to expect from Viceroy, a pseudo Caribbean number with pop sensibilities. What's really interesting is how out of her comfort zone Madi Diaz is here. In many ways this song is the sonic opposite of the majority of the music she makes, and yet you would never know that because her vocals match up perfectly with Viceroy's beat.

"Chase Us Around" is out now; you can pick it up at iTunes or Beatport.

Thanks for checking out Bitcandy's Blogs On Music. Be sure to take some time this summer to let the beat chase you around. 


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