Best New Tracks: Willy Moon "Yeah Yeah"


Willy Moon (that can't be his given name, right?) is a throwback in the truest sense of the word.

Although he's only 21, Moon is making music that sounds like it arrived in a time machine from the 1950's, or even further back. The native New Zelander adds his own flair to his timeless rock sound, often mixing in various samples and hip hop style drums and beats.

On "Yeah Yeah," today's Latest New Songs, Moon showcases his truly unique sound, one that is simultaneously familiar and alien.

Check it out below:

The fact that he has the balls to sample "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' ta Fuck Wit" in this song speaks volumes to Moon's ambition. The fact that he does it cleanly and without turning the song into a joke speaks to his talent.

And holy shit he can he dance.

"Yeah Yeah" is only 69 cents {69!!!! LOL) over at iTunes. You can pre-order Moon's debut EP here.

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