Best New Tracks: Wilsen "Anahita"


New York-based dream folk trio, Wilsen, just got done touring with Bitcandy-favorite Daughter and boy does it sound like it. Today's best new track, "Anahita," sounds like an extension of Elena and Co.'s music. This, of course, is great news for us and anyone else who likes good music. 

"Anahita" starts with some isolated guitar work before slowly (and we do mean slowly) building up to a low-key, melodic anthem. It's as ethereal and gorgeous as you'd expect the music of a band associated with Daughter to be.

Have a listen below to Wilsen "Anahita (Live for Wild Honey Pie Sessions)":

Here's the studio version of "Anahita for you as well:

Lastly, mainly because I can't stop listening to it, here's Wilsen's cover of Grimes "Oblivion."

Wilsen's debut album, Sirens, is out now. Pick it up at iTunes.

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