Best New Tracks

Peaches, who never met a controversy she didn't like, has joined the 'global campaign'. Peep the video for today's Latest New Songs, "Free Pussy Riot", below.
Today's Latest New Songs comes courtesy of the self-described "holy trinity of hip hop" Three Loco, comprised of internet memes Andy Milonakis, RiFF RaFF, and Dirt Nasty.
Monsta reaches a top spot in our Latest New Songs section. Check out the electric "Holdin On," and the equally as awesome "Messiah." Best track you hear today-promise!
Today's offering, "IFUCKINGLOVEYOU" by Big Black Delta, has been on the Highland Park-native's soundcloud page for over a year. But we missed it.
In our Latest New Music section, we're going to give you two more reasons why you should buy God Forgives, I Don't from Rick Ross: "911" and "Hold Me Back."
Back in February we brought the soulful crooning of Allen Stone to your attention. We're bringing him back as part of our Latest New Music section. Listen to "Unaware."
Protest music has certainly come a long way. Just listen to today's Latest New Music, "Plague," from the low-res noise pop duo Crystal Castles if you don't believe me.