Best New Tracks

Ryan Woods takes a sweet, soulful look at love from a distance on " Bad Texter"! Love and relationships are complicated and confusing at the best of times, as we often say here at We Are: The Guard. Considering how (...)
Everything is bad right now, and gnash is no stranger to the heaviness in the world. Everything is changing. It’s terrifying to go anywhere, and all of these fears have been amplified by staying at home for three months. Every (...)
Being rich means different things to everyone. We can all agree that it means being worry-free, but defining “worry-free” differs from person to person. For some folks, it means the mortgages are paid off on their 3rd (...)
Here at We Are: The Guard, we are constantly telling you all about what we’re listening to. While we have (we dare think) excellent taste and bring you the best new tracks every week, we thought it would be fun to switch it (...)
Sløtface bassist Lokoy makes us wonder if we've finally lost it after however many months of quarantine, with "Classic City Girl". Let's be real, social media's been pretty strange for quite some time, probably since its inception (...)