Best Twisted Track: Kreayshawn - Left Ey3


I have a love and hate relationship with Kreayshawn...epsecially with a song like "Left Ey3"  At one moment she can be such a douche, and the other moment such a lyrical wizard with a just a dirty little nasty yummy flow.  Hence on todays latest music tracks, I gotta draw attention to this lyrical piece of genius meets the "oh no you didn't" zone.



I mean these lyrics are so rude it's just delicious.   Basically the song here is about bitches betting pissed and burning up their dudes cribs...all compliments of a few previous female trouble makers who have done the same thing in the past...and are also super dead and six feet under.  


Check out some of these lines (no not those lines, Lindsay): 


Burn this Motherfucker down like I'm Left Eye

Burn this Motherfucker down like Amy Winehouse

I don't need no TLC All I need is THC

Higher than Miss Courtney Love

Murder in the 1st Degree


Wow.  And if you're too young to get this lyric.  Let me explain.  Really...just in case.  Left Eye Lopez of course was from the super group TLC.   She "bought it" in a car accident but not before burning down her man's house.  And then the Courtney Love reference...the rumor is it was Courtney who pulled the trigger on Curt Cobain.  Seriously.


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Anywayz...this is the twisted Best New Track of the week that will surely polarize people...but as far as me and todays latest music tracks post...I love it.


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