DENM - Lit

When Mac Montgomery isn’t busy being the lead singer of indie band FMLYBND or writing for other artists, he’s going under the moniker DENM. DENM is a brand new Los Angeles-based artist/songwriter/producer that has won us over completely, and we’re super excited to bring you another side of his unique sound. He just released an acoustic stripped-down version of his latest hyped up track “Lit,” and we’re totally loving the song’s energetic yet chilled out vibe that’s perfect for the warming weather. DENM’s breakout EP is set to come out later this summer, so we’re excited to bring you this little treat to tide you over.



The acoustic version of this blissful house track takes the BitCandy favorite up to a whole other level. The lonesome guitar allows this version to pack even more of an emotional and almost haunting punch while his unique layered falsetto adds a hypnotic lo-fi vibe to track. You’ll easily find yourself coming back again and again when you need to calm down after a tiring day in the sun. It’s an essential addition to your late night Summer playlists, and you might even find yourself having a hard time going back to the original.

The video itself compliments the track’s feel perfectly, as it showcases DENM giving an intimate performance by the beach at sunset. How much more chill can the man possibly get?!

Be sure to show DENM some love by liking his Facebook page! (Come on…let’s get him to 1,000 likes ASAP!) And if you haven’t already, get the party started by checking out the dance-inducing original here.


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