Kalacoma - Kaleidoscoper

At its best, art has the ability to change your perspective and redefine how you see the world. Or it can help you empathize with others by showing their perspective. Kalacoma’s latest video, "Kaleidoscoper," achieves this by allowing the viewer to experience what a seizure looks and feels like.

Filmed and edited by Alan Erpi *, "Kaleidoscoper" is a dizzying, mindbending trip that will either alienate or enthrall you. The song itself is a groovy jam that is infectious and as inoffensive as can be. But back to the video, because that’s why we're here. I personally can’t stop watching it, even though it’s starting to feel like repeated runs on a roller coaster: still fun, but I’m probably making myself sick.

Kalacoma is a five-piece band out of Melbourne, but only one of them appears in this video: lead singer Nick Herrera. The aforementioned Alan Erpi, who did most of the heavy-lifting for this video, is the band’s multi-instrumentalist. On "Kaleidoscoper" their perfect blending of trip hop and electronica resembles post-OK Computer Radiohead. The band also lists The Flying Lotus as a influence, which shines through on this cut as well. "Kaleidoscoper" is the first single off their forthcoming EP. If the song and video don’t get you excited for it, check your pulse. 



As of this writing, we don’t have a release date for Kalacoma’s sophomore EP, but will be keeping our ear to the ground for ya.

* Your boy Nick Herrera helped with the post-edits.


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