Mr. Oizo - All Wet

A quick note: This headline may be a tiny bit deceiving. You see this isn’t so much a music video as it is an album trailer. But we don’t have a “Best Album Trailer” section for obvious reasons, so we’ve decided to stick this here.

Last we checked in with Quentin Dupieux, aka Mr. Oizo, he was teaming up with Steve Little to create a short film for Red Bull that was equal parts bizarre and hilarious.

Now Mr. O is back with a brand new LP, and he got his alter ego to direct a trailer for said album. I’m sure All Wet is an excellent album and yada yada yada. I don’t care about all that right now because this trailer is fanf**kingtastic. Why don’t all albums get trailers? And why aren’t all trailers this good, music or otherwise?

While I ponder these and other serious questions, I’m gonna continue watching this on loop. I highly suggest you do the same.



All Wet is out now via Ed Banger Records. Download or stream it from all the usual suspects. We’ll leave you with the tracklist, complete with guest stars.

1 OK Then
2 Sea Horses [ft. Tetanus]
3 Freezing Out [ft. Peaches]
4 Oiseaux
5 Ruhe [ft. Boys Noize]
6 No Tony [ft. Phra]
7 End of the World [ft. Skrillex]
8 The One You Buy
9 All Wet [ft. Siriusmo]
10 Chairs [ft. Mocky]
11 Your Liver
12 Hand in the Fire [ft. Charli XCX]
13 Low Ink
14 Goulag Drums
15 Useless

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