Big Data - Clean

If you’ve ever had a job, you’ve had coworkers. And if you’ve ever had a job, you’ve likely had sh*tty coworkers who you’ve likely fantasized about physically assaulting. Or maybe you hate all your coworkers and would love to watch all of them duke it out Hunger Games style. If that last sentence describes you, then “Clean,” the new video from Big Data featuring Jamie Lindell, is one for you.

Produced by the aptly named Good Company and directed by Bill Kirstein, “Clean” is a riveting music video that brings to life the sort of workplace fantasy most of us harbor but would never tell anyone about. The idea for the video started when New York ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi needed to remodel their offices. They invited Big Data and Co. to come in and demo the place for a music video, and the result is this bit of genius.

I’ll spare you any additional spoilers, just watch the damn thing. Please note that if you find any Big Data bars at your work, you probably shouldn’t eat them.



Big Data’s debut album 2.0 is out now. And yes, it features this tidy jam.

We’ll leave you with the lyrics to “Clean.”

when i look back, i see trails of myself
coulda been you, coulda been someone else
all that i know is i'm leaving that person behind

oh, woah
i'm clean
i've washed it all away
i'm so clean
you made me this way
now i'm ready to be
the face that never screams
cuz i know that you want me clean

you gave me a taste of a life i could lead
you gave me a face for the fools to believe
now i'm changing, becoming one of you


this life, oh, it's a dirty life
but i can show you another way
don't you wanna be like me?
don't you wanna be clean?

now i'm the darkness that hides in the light
and it's laughable watching you put up a fight
the door's always open it's only a matter of time



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