Dog Orchestra - Broke

It’s no secret that Swedish duo DOG ORCHESTRA is one of our favorite up and coming artists here at BitCandy, and we are extremely excited to share their brand new video for their single, “Broke,” with you today. It’s the latest single off of their debut EP, and it’s a bone chilling and stripped down track that you won’t forget.

The track starts off with twinkling electronics that sound like an eerie lullaby, while haunting and quivering vocals keep you captivated throughout its duration. The song is about the dark side of materialism, and their sorrowful and expressive tone instantly sets the mood. The video itself is definitely worth watching, as it was directed by none other than Vice Cooler. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because the Los Angeles-based visionary director has also worked with the likes of Peaches, Deerhoof, Abe Vigoda and many more. The video stars Kristen Leahy and Jasmine Albuquerque of the WIFE project (a dance-theater project) and they give a beautiful yet artfully creepy performance.



The dark and moody colors set the tone, while branches and a girl laying in a white bed pull you in to the story. Once you hit the one minute mark, you’re met with mysterious figures in what appear to be the most terrifying owl masks you’ve ever seen, who begin doing ballet-like dances until one wakes up in a pitch-black room. The choreography in this video definitely steals like spotlight. I love how the weather matches the amped up intensity that happens musically after the 3:10 mark, which also serves as the perfect ending. It’s simply a fantastic video with amazing imagery and performances that you’ll definitely want to check out.

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