Best New Videos: MS MR "Fantasy"


Welcome back to Bitcandy. Hope you all have recovered from this weekend's Beyonce concert, where a football game randomly broke out. We here at Bitcandy have sufficiently shaken off the cobwebs and are ready to bring you the best new videos, which today will feature MS MR and their new single, "Fantasy."

Some of who you spend too much time reading music blogs probably remember the ambiguous chill wave duo who prefer to only go by Ms (the vocalist) Mr (the music) from their song "Hurricane." Fans of that track will find more of what they like in "Fantasy," the first single off the duos upcoming album, Second Hand Rapture.

"Fantasy" is a rousing number that is driven by the ever-building precessions from Mr and some diva-worthy vocals from Ms.

Checkout the official video for MS MR "Fantasy" below:

Second Hand Rapture is out May 14 via Creep City Records.

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