Best New Videos: QOTSA "...Like Clockwork"


In anticipation for their 6th studio album …Like Clockwork, Queens of the Stone Age has released five videos featuring the artwork by the UK's Boneface and the animation of Liam Brazier. Unaware of this? So were we.

Or at least we were until today when the band compiled them all in one 15-minute short film. The videos are for the songs "I Appear Missing," "Kalopsia," "Keep Your Eyes Peeled," and "If I Had A Tail." The resulting compilation is pretty damned good, or at least we think so.

See for yourself if Queens of the Stone Ages …Like Clockwork is a best new video or if we're just full of shit.

My first take was that this was all some sort of an allusion to the work of Poe (or possibly a Radical Face album cover), but honestly I don't know what the fuck is going on here. I can't stop watching this dysotpian hellscape, though. The badass music may have something to do with it.

…Like Clockwork is out June 4th via Matador. Pre-order now, before it's June 4th.

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