Best New Videos: Tegan and Sara "Closer"


I have been in love with Tegan and Sara for some time now, and not just because the three of us have similar hairstyles. No, we have much more in common than that. For instance, we both have the same opinion on Odd Future. We love Bruce Springsteen. And a few years back when I saw them in concert they covered "Umbrella," and then one of them (I certainly can't tell them apart) said "That's a song by my future wife Rihanna," which is totally a joke I would make, because I am a comic genius.

What does any of the above have to do with the video for "Closer," the first single off their upcoming album, Heartthrob? Well nothing, just thought you guys should know how much I like these gals.

Speaking of "Closer," check out the official video below:

Heartthrob is out January 29th via Warner Bros. You can pick up "Closer" at iTunes now.

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