Best New Videos - Week 6 2013

Best New Videos

Apocalyptic badonkadonk monsters, confetti-vomiting cheerleaders - the world is a scary place out there in best new videos, friends, so much so that we've tied a perfect little Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel bow around this week's finds with a hug. Hug it out. Hug it out.


MS MR - 'Fantasy'

Not sure what's better, the Lynchian quartet of fur-coat grandmas, the diner hand-slap coffee jam, or these cheerleaders - consumed by the pop absurdity of it all, perhaps - puking their confetti sorrows away.

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Asaf Avidan - 'Different Pulses'

We were waiting for these two little Lord of the Flies princes to start tearing some demonic shit up, but nope, they just get on with their bad mini-selfs and reintroduce themselves into society, earning prism rocks and smiles. To be young.


The Knife - 'Full of Fire'

Gleaming Swedish electro outfit The Knife set some cryptic moods in sonic general. Set to the bondage and cross-dressing, street-pissing day-scapes of director Marit Ostberg, well, we pretty much don't have hope for society any more. Kids, do not piss in the streets. It is uncouth.


Matt and Kim - 'Kim Shakes It'

The way too perfect drum and keys smile twee-rock shitshow's finest reveals her inner stripper, a.k.a. the badonkadonk subconscious.


Big Freedia - 'Y'all Get Back Now'

Opposite inner-badonkadonk, this is what happens when y'all let your badonkadonk consume you - apocalyptic ass-jiggling capable of destroying cities something more gnar than Godzilla. Oh what we'd pay to see Godzilla shake his monster ass in the face of Big Freedia.


Bonobo - 'Cirrus'

The frightening side of post-war america, shown in kaleidoscopic pro-creation fashion. Get ready to see your conception of the veritable two-car garage and white-picket fence turn into the machine that will destroy us all. Boom baby, boom.


Peter Gabriel - 'Don't Give Up'

Peter Gabriel's magnum opus, So, turned a ripe 25 last year, but his duet with Kate Bush, this is a synth dream of an embrace that doesn't age. Beware the hug of Bush - it doesn't let go, outlasts eclipses and eats breakup albums for breakfast.


Here's a challenge, if you're still attached to that thin line between hope and society: detach from computer, push chair or mobile device out of the way and badonkadonk on until someone takes notice, or Kate Bush gives you a hug. Until next week…