Best Indie Videos - Week 24, 2013

Best New Videos

Electric skeletor kids of the beach, a phantasmal starfish journey, the F. Scott Fitzgerald of hip-hop, a woman so prepared to destroy herself she should have her own Guantanamo Bay hold-out and more, as the weeks of 2013 enter 24 of yet another BitCandy mow-mow binge of the best indie videos the internets has to offer us. Get on the damn floor now and shake that booty.


Poliça - 'Tiff'

"I'm a pawn in the hype machine," Channy Leaneagh says before getting all Twilight Zone up in the joint. Except, post-war creatives would probably have a heart-attack in view of this twist - the most graphic destruction of one's own self you'll probably ever encounter.


A-Trak - 'Jumbo'

Alright, Lebron, we get it, you're everywhere. Enough of you're Globetrotting and more of these cheerleader triplets, please.


Clockwork - 'Surge'

Did not expect these hip nature kids to become one with the Earth in such frightening fashion. Electricity and water, these have forever been things that do not mix. Though skeletor dance troupes are the exception it seems.


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This is Head - 'Illumination'

Records do amazing things to amazing people, even in middle-age. Also, where did you dudes get that spin-the-black-circle stage? And how did you pull off that Michel Gondry 'sweded' cloud trick in a living room? Our jealousy sparkles.


G FrSH - 'Never Can I'

He's like the F. Scott Fitzgerald of hip-hop - disaffected and destructive with a flow like wings of a butterfly. Eat the cake you diamond-hoarding, prick.


Matisse & Sadko - 'Stars'

Don't fret, dear sad starfish, Matisse & Sadko know a place of dog-bone comet and dancing noodle studded galaxies that will have you shining bright in no time. Shine on, little dude, shine on.


Gigamesh - 'GOTF'

And here we thought "Lose Yourself to Dance" won the summer dancefloor crown. Touché, pleated khaki square, get down with your bad self. Or rather, get on the damn floor if you've got that booty.


Cold War Kids - 'Loner Phase'

Who is this man trapped in a cube, and why are we vested in reading his chicken-scratch messages? Somebody grab Cold War Kids when they were acerbic and hang this doofus up to dry.


Blåtime - 'Leave, Go'

Chalk doesn't get enough love anymore. Sprawling, tactile, stuff from some Norwegian hearts with an awful band name if you're an English speaker; Bon Iver meets Sigur Rós and makes love to a chalkboard.


Honestly, it's that simple, kids, get, on, the, floor, if, you've, got, that, booty. Until next week bookmark our best music videos page if you like...and w'ell see ya soon.