Best New Music Videos - Week 44 2012


Now that the Presidential debates are through, and you can actually divert your energy to sectors of the intranets that matter, we give you another handful of directorial gems laced with penis humor, macabre geniusry and computer electro nerdcore that'll melt your brain just right. Chew it up.



Another pastoral mindfuck from the new king of macabre, Scott Cudmore (Fucked Up, Timbre Timbre), here we see adolescent girls take on some mystic wizardry that ends with a smoke machine and a dude turned into a human lighthouse. Meanwhile new sub pop signees Metz beautifully destroy any sense of pop comfort with the manic fuzz punk aggressions of "Wet Blanket."


Arca - Manners (HD)

Putting iTunes' visualizer to shame, director Jesse Kanda weaves some tubular bell-ish curves in this graphic design acid trip we like to think our computers are capable of dosing themselves with. Of course the orbital chill digi warbles of a MoMA sound weaver are behind the grooves.


Closer - Tegan and Sara - Official Lyric Video

Ah, the lyric video-type nerds rejoice, Tegan and Sara's latest synth-pop journey makes love to verses about treating people "typical," montaged with a picture of urinal -- yeah, that's a urinal. It was hiding, though, in a subliminal flash, while "typical" comes out at your brain over and over mixed in with pop art and magazine ads. Beware. 


Cave Painting - So Calm

Welcome to this horrifying section of the desert where gauze is put on everything and beautiful women play dead in swimming pools. Are the limb graveyards a metaphor for the legions of people who will throw something trying to understand why this song is called "So Calm?"

Credit to Duffster


Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom

So at what point did this creative team decide shoddy derogatory boner humor is funnier in Jamaican accents, even if through the ruse of everyone's favorite spam punching bag -- penis enlargement. Some dude with a small penis is not amused out there. The last eight seconds show colorful speaker-cabinet promise, though.



One-upping Daft Punk, directors Jean & Sebastien Loghman take electro-disco to another level, as they make a manufacturing stop-motion statement about hordes of computer keys civilization must vomit into the world and the transformer-rock capabilities of the damn things metastasizing into record players, speakers, and a DJ. Where can a dude buy this QWERTY suit!


Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

Just in case you've forgotten how asinine fuzzy pillbox hats were, dig on the interminable Jamiroquai - Jay Kay, rather - making the exception in 1996, a man so possessed with the the power of the moonwalk, he'll make furniture bleed. Oh we miss the 90s.



Somebody help these poor bastards; they are are being attacked by an a/v monster. The milk or cream or liquid whatever on that speaker is pretty amazing, though, as well as an actually rad use of reverb and auto tune, with a little kiss of angst.


Is it just us or are directors getting more cryptic by the week? Bandages on TVs -- ridiculousness! Which is why we dosed you with a little Jamiroquai this batch. Keep things grounded in the power of site gag. Hasta next week, dudes and dudettes.


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