Best Music Videos - Week 52 2012


Some Mayans and doomsday preppers are crapping his / her pants now. Of course you'd be wanting to spend your remaining waking time digging on the best videos the intranets has to offer rather than trying to return all your survival food. We can tell you one thing, though: our heaven (and haven) is a best music videos line up in the 52nd week of the current calendar year. Fuck the Mayans:


Bjork - "Mutual Core"

Bored of creating her own universes on iPads, the Icelandic legend has zoomed in a bit to play indie operatic wizard with "tectonic plates," which envisioned by director Andrew Thomas Huang, is a kind of Planet Earth meets Tremors. Heed this warning from Bjork, mover of plates, before the people volcanoes come: "As fast as your fingernail grows/The Atlantic Ridge drifts."


Darwin Deez - "Free (The Editorial Me)"

Ah, we knew hasid curls were the key to inner peace. We probably would have lost our shit after like that first cup of coffee spilled, though. Other moral of the story: when bodega clerkin' life gets you down, drop that bisquick, yo, and steal a bike. 'Murrica. Also, a brilliant lyric framing around a letter to the self, 'The Editorial Me', Darwin Deez. High-fives.


The XX - Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded Remix)

Photo-guru Davy Evans' trippy macro lens and liquid experiments receive a quicker heartbeat in this remix that's near four-times the length of its parent bedroom pop sonics, channeling desert-sands, the inner-workings of the body, aurora borealis and that deep, sweet gap from spine to brain. The best part: you don't need drugs. 


Hurts - "Exile 2013"

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Apparently fight club still exists. As do S&M clubs. And human puppetry clubs. Dudes in suits at the end -- we're assuming you're the current incarnation of this goth Mars Volta psych out? Ya'll are some American Psycho prodigies. We have the fear. And the jealousy, for all the gorgeous lighting set-ups.


Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - Islands in the Stream

Yeah...this actually is in out Best New Videos post!  They say tender love is blind. Actually Kenny Rogers said that. It's just supposed to be love, pure and simple. But a woman like Dolly Parton needs a little tenderness, you see. The Bee Gees, the actual authors of the song, they didn't know this, having initially penned it for Marvin Gaye. But in the interest of white-bread American Dreamin' - sing it again, Dolly, for all y'all tender-lovin' hearts.  


IO Echo - "Berlin, It's All a Mess"

You ever see that Twilight Zone episode with the pig face people who just can't find a place for a Marilyn Monroe-beautiful woman in their draconian society? Consider this a more cryptic journey to the center of beauty. People will don afros and elephant pantyhose noses. Little babies will clap. Your perceptions will widen. All the while IO Echo swathing a sonic dreamscape of a portal. Through all of this, though, you will not make it to Berlin.


However, should we be gravely mistaken about the accuracy of said Mayan overlords, we would like to know assert our faith in Bjork. She seems to have her Earth-building shit together. And how does that old Chinese proverb go? Where there's crisis there's opportunity? Bjork could put land and sea back together. Whatever. We'll still have the video cameras rolling for BitCandy's best new videos. Until next week...2013.


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