Yeasayer - I Am Chemistry

At the beginning of this decade, Brooklyn indie rockers Yeasayer looked primed to take over the genre. Odd Blood was a towering LP that still resonates, and 2012 Fragrant World furthered the band’s aesthetic. And then, radio silence. Their sudden and stark drop off right as they were about to take off became a bit of a running joke between me and my hippest friends. Thankfully, we’ll have to retire that (rather unfunny) joke in 2016.

Less than a week into the New Year, Yeasayer dropped the new single, “I Am Chemistry,” and announced their fourth LP, Amen & Goodbye. And as if all of that wasn’t terrific enough news, the best thing to come out of all this is probably the video for “I Am Chemistry,” directed by New Media Limited.

The song itself is the usual one part psychedelic pop, two parts woozy indie rock we’ve come to expect from Yeasayer. The video, well the video is something far stranger. The deeply trippy piece is equally mesmerizing and disturbing. It’s like the dream sequence from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World meets Alien meets Gulliver's Travels meets an acid trip. There’s possibly a coherent narrative in their somewhere, but I’m guessing only like 3-5 people in the world can find it.

Regardless, that’s not gonna stop me from having this on repeat the rest of the day.



Amen & Goodbye is out April 1st (don’t stop here to make an April Fool’s joke, fight the urge and be better than that in 2016) via Mute Records. Not sure what happened to these cats and Secretly Canadian, but that might part of the reason we haven’t heard from them in four years.

Anyways, we’ll leave you with the tracklist to Amen & Goodbye:

1 “Daughters of Cain”
2 “I Am Chemistry”
3 “Silly Me”
4 “Half Asleep”
5 “Dead Sea Scrolls”
6 “Prophecy Gun”
7 “Computer Canticle 1″
8 “Divine Simulacrum”
9 “Child Prodigy”
10 “Gerson’s Whistle”
11 “Uma”
12 “Cold Night”
13 “Amen & Goodbye”


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