Best New Videos

Starcadian grew to prominence with a brilliant music video, and he's up to his old tricks again with his latest video, Dance or Die. The song's title is taken quite literally in this hilariously dark video.
Canadian DJ and guy-liner pioneer Tiga has a lucid new house beat with Bugatti, and thanks to a gifted French director he's got a stunning best new video as well. The visuals are hypnotic and repetitive.
You've seen best new videos here at The Guard before, but none like "My Motive" by Knytro. The jaw-dropping 'Tiny Planet' video for "My Motive" comes to us from the mind of German journalist Jonas Ginter.
Hailing from Brooklyn and Tromsø, Norway, The Familiar craft alt. electro pop that's hauntingly dark yet has a shimmering pulse. Today we're happy to premier their brand new music video, "All In White."
Fast at work on a follow-up for their tremendous debut, An Awesome Wave, Alt-J is back and better than ever with a tremendous pair of music videos for their new single, Every Other Freckle.
If you've listened to CLPPNG, the debut LP from the experimental hip-hop trio, then you know just how vivid the lyrical imagery is. For the video for "Inside Out," the Los Angeles-based group shows they've got the visual chops to match.
Here's a new pile of steaming hot, fresh off the presses, music videos from the worldwide internet! Check out cool visuals from Grimes, Shabazz Palaces, Fences, The Magician and more!
I don’t know what music videos you’ve been watching this week (Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”? That snake song from Drake? Euw) but this is what we’ve been watching and we’re much cooler than you, so pay attention!
Utilizing stop-motion animation, mixing in live footage with over 7,000 pictures, the top music video for Lusine's Arterial is truly mesmerizing.
Grieves - Recluse, Rilan - Chemical and Tiny Fingers - Demands Live start off this week's best indie videos. Check out these and more great new music videos right here!