Best Chill Out Music (10 vibes) - Week 18 2013

Best of Indie Chill

The modern life is stressful, full of sleepless nights, or, to simply quote Blur, “rubbish.” How much is my rent?! Will I get that promotion?! Does my butt look big in this?! It's easy to forget that, often, all we need to do, is chill the f*ck out. This got BitCandy thinking... Alongside our weekly Best of Indie, Best of Electro, and Best of PopSmut, why not launch a Best of Chill Out, too?!

It's a no brainer... Every single week, BitCandy will bring you a selection of the best chill out songs to touch down on the blogosphere. You can help us out with it, too! All you have got to do is comment below with the cuts, the mashes, and the remixes that you relaxed to yesterday, are relaxing to today, and will relax to tomorrow... If we like it, we will include it in our next Best of Chill Out. Sound good?! Good. Let's do this:


XXYYXX “About You”

Oh yes, this video “gets” what this brand new column is all about... Going home, putting on a record (preferably XXYYXX), lighting a joint (other legal substances are available), slipping on a wolf mask (this part is not obligatory), and calming the f*ck down!


Baby Alpaca “Sea of Dreams”

If you have never seen a baby alpaca, then you have never lived. If you have never listened to Baby Alpaca, then you, too, have never lived! Hit play, and then float away, to your “Sea of Dreams.” Aah...


Life In A Box “Etendue des possibles (Feat. Iam9)”

A free chill out treat from Bad Panda Records... Life In A Box is a French producer who, according to Facebook-via-Google Translate, refers to his music as "braindance, peaceful and melancholy.”

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Zomby “Soliloquy”

In June, 4AD records will release the enigmatic Zomby's fourth studio album, With Love. “Soliloquy,” the latest single to be lifted from the triple LP (yeh, f*cking triple!) is an intensely emotional, and overwhelmingly melancholic, affair.


Bonobo “First Fires (Feat. Grey Reverend)”

Bonobo's “First Fires” originally appeared in our Best of Indie – Week 18, but, c'mon. It would be frankly criminal of us if we did not feature it here, too! For more chillaxing tunes like this one, grab The North Borders, out now on Ninja Tune.


Jon Hopkins “Open Eye Signal”

F*ck it, let's steal YouTube user, nilbog44's joke: “How on earth does this guy have the time? He started a medical research university and makes music on the side? Wow.” Keep on skatin', Jon Hopkins (far, far away from Coldplay)...


Atlas Genius “If So”

Closing down this week's Best of Chill Out with an acoustic rendition of Atlas Genius' “If So,” shot at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, complete with incense sticks. Does anybody else way prefer this to the original?!


That's a wrap for this week, and now we implore you to...

relax to the max

...BitCandy will be back with the best chill out songs next week! Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter, or tell us what you think of our brand new column in the comments, below?!