Best Of Electro - 9 Tracks Loved at EDC



Hello to all of you out there from around the world. Uncle Flex and Glitch have banded together once more. From within the lair of, we have devised of list containing top dance songs for you to fill your ears with. 


EDC was this past weekend. If you were one of those fortunate to not get swept away by the high winds then I am sure you had a great time. I wasn’t quite so lucky. I got blown all the way to Reno...


AND I HATE RENO!!!!!!!   Back to civilization…let's get going with Best of Electro Week 25:



Diplo - Barely Standing feat. Datsik & Sabi 




Flosstradamus - Lana's Theme



Flosstradamus should get into the fur trade with their high level trap skills. Yep, that’s sample is from Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.” These guys have been going hard this year and the swagger on this one shows it.



Flosstradamus Mix For LFTF



Made for Live For The Funk, this is the mix of the week, including a bit of the track listed above. 



Left Side Deaf - Stardust




John Dahlback - Take This Thing Back (Original) [Rising Music]




Stuck In The Sound - Brother (SLDGHMR Remix)



Something a little heavy. This reminds me of Sebastian and the Ed Banger crew.



Justice - New Lands (Sebastian Remix) [Preview]



Speaking of the Ed Banger crew, here is a preview of Sebastian’s remix of Justice. Also look out for the new A-trak remix of the same tune. 






Check out this one released by Fukkk Offf last month...



-FUKKK OFFF-- 24 7(NONSTOP) - dirty disco youth remix


...and this remix by Dirty Disco Youth. There are more remixes on Fukkk Offf’s soundcloud, including ones by Modek and Smith and Wesson. 




That’s all for this week. Keep checking back to for more new music and reveiws, including this one on Brodinski. Have anything we should know about? Post below or ask how to become a curator today here…yeah…get credit for your music discoveries and maybe even write for our blog.  


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