Best of Weekly Electro - 9 Tracks (Week 27) 2012



In the United States, it’s 4th of July tomorrow.  That means only one thing.  I get to take a break from writing up this here blogs on music and watch David Lee Roth’s “Yankee Rose” on repeat all day and no one can judge me. can judge me.  In the meantime I’ll be pondering what we should include in our Best Electro post of the week.   Oh snap...I just did it!  Here...for you...I listened to 150-200 bullshit EDM tracks of junk and knob twiddler shit sandwiches to come up with 9 must hear tracks.  Because I love you. Speaking of which...let’s get started...why?  Cuz “I’m In Love with a Yankee Rose!”  


Rudimental - Feel The Love (feat. John Newman) (Original Mix)

Welcome to the anthem of the summer.  Dubstep never sounded so good (um, sometimes a song helps you other knob twibblers!  Learn sumding fr4m Rudimental!)  


The XX - Do You Mind (Derek Wallin Remix)

A great smooth lush but good energy vibes house mix from Derek Walin on The xx.  More like XOXO cuz I love it.  


Cry Wolf - The Home We Made

Autotune and dubstep...2 elements that can be both awesome and sucky either apart or together...Cry Wolf knows how to use them both awesome.  


Weekend Wolves - X

Do you like your electro on the dark and semi goth side?  Oh Snapola!  So do we.  Weekend Wolves are for us.  Check out a full post on them with more scary electro tracks we just posted here.  


Calvin Harris & Example - We'll Be Coming Back (R3hab EDC Vegas Remix)

When is R3hab going to stop doing remixes and make some original jams...we want them!!!  R3hab is our pick for the next DJ / Producer that could launch in a big balls kinda way.  


Calvin Harris Feat. Example - We’ll Be Coming Back

Yes it’s the Calvin Harris original less hard less intense “easy listening”  version.  Hehe.


Passion Pit - Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)

Were we on to something like over a year ago when we got all creamy for The M Machine?  Back then they were called Metropolis and we gave the album (which alas still brings a tear to my eye since it’s never been fully released and SO AMAZING) a 10 in our review here.  (Please note: this is high praise from us since we hate virtually everything).  Loving what they did here with Passion Pit.  


Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Amazing crazy and bizarre video that inspired most likely the Dada Life video to “Rolling Stone T Shirt.”  Just some electro history going on here...just sayin!


Com Truise - Open

This easily could have been in our Best of Weekly Indie post but it’s got enough electronics (dig those analogues) to include here, bra.  

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