Best of Weekly Electro - Week 32 2012

Best of EDM & Electro

Hello hello! It’s time to take a break from watching the Olympics on tape delay and listen to some music. We know you’ve been sitting there awhile, so think of this as your weekly exercise.

I, Uncle Flex, fresh from Hard Summer (see what I thought about it here) have teamed up with Glitch and to bring you the top dance songs from around the reaches of the internet.  Here ya go...


Porter Robinson - Language Video 

Wow Porter Robinson is still 20 years old...for the 3rd year?  JK.  Amazing video here from Porter where some chick is chased by strage wolf creatures and is saved by a translucent giant.  Love it. 


Adventure Club Dubstep - Retro City

Here’s the opening track to get your blood going a bit. Nothing too crazy in terms of dubstep, but a cool little ditty from a couple of Canadians looking to party. Free download on soundcloud.


Le Castle Vania - Play Loud

This one ups the excitement a little more. A big electro house track for all your ears to feast on.


Flosstradamus - Rollup (Baauer Remix)


Poolside - Only Everything

Slowing down the tempo but pushing the disco through the roof is a new track from Poolside. “Only Everything,” released late last week, offers what we’ve come to expect from the duo: a funktastic bass line, a chilled out piano/synth melody, grooving percussion, and breezy vocals.

Tiesto - Adagio For Strings (Live) - Classic Clip!

Too many times blogs just post and post and post and post new stuff.  Whatever it is.  If it's goes up.  In Electronic music (I am putting the term "EDM" on the shelf)...seems like tracks have a life of about 4 weeks.  Where are the recurring HITS!?  Well, here's one I'll share back when Tiesto was PURE on the Trance side and not playing the same set list everyone is playing.   And yes, America...we are late to the part on the electronic stuff.  


Moonbootica feat.Redman - I´m on vacation (FUKKK OFFF RMX)

I constantly find myself asking, “Why aren’t I listening to more Redman?” I mean, that guy was in a Right Guard ad, so his music must be sick, right?


TAI - Lose Yourself (Craig Williams Remix)

A sweet new grinding track off of Dim Mak. Clocking in at almost 7 minutes, this one gets around and creates all sorts of grooves. Enjoy the download off of soundcloud.


Boys Noize - XTC

New Boys Noize track. Heard this one Friday night at Hard. This is the first single from his forthcoming track, which should be out sometime in the fall. Listen to this a few times and I’m sure “one for me” won’t be enough.


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